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Split Slider Site

Coding something which has a good design is essential. UI is what the users get attracted to then the functionality.  Recently I have come across Split Slider, and I am in love with Split Slider websites. This a Unique Slider Different from regular sliders, which gives your site the same basic look and feel. Split Slider gives your site a feel of the future. It makes the site futuristic and elegant. Making it modern and user-friendly. Split Slider layout also acts as a Banner of the website.

Here are few Examples of Split Slider:
Example 1:
Example 2:

I feel split slider makes the website look so much better. Instead of a standard banner, the split slider gives the site more appealing transmission along with Information. It's a beauty, and I have a few ready made Split Slider websites. I can code a split slider to be an e-commerce site like example 2 or a front end for any product or sa…

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